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Two short stories

One of the few benefits of the situation we find ourselves in, is that I have more time to write stories. ‘Major’s Army’ was inspired by a photograph of a dog standing on a chair, looking down at four kittens. Hope you enjoy the stories, Carol Visitors: 13 ...

Autumn in the New Forest

We travelled to the New Forest for the weekend to meet up with friends we made in India earlier this year. On the way we visited Stonehenge, one of the world’s most famous prehistoric monuments. Erected in about 2500 BC it consists of a ring of standing stones. We carried on to Old Sarum, the ...

Need a short read?

Thank you for the nice comments I have received about my blog during our holiday to Scotland. Are you now short of something to read? Now I am back I have continued with my favourite hobbies of reading and writing. Yesterday I wrote ‘Lilian’s Last Protest’. I have added this and seven other stories I ...