Delhi again!

We left Shimla to return to Delhi, saying our goodbyes to the friendly staff and local residents.

The first part of the journey was a hair raising 4 hour drive down the mountain, through hair pin bends. I think driving a taxi is an extreme sport in this area!

Number 2 taxi, which drove us around for the 3 days we were in Shimla
We stopped for a break half way.
Local businesses were opening up.

We arrived in Chandigarh and boarded the train for Delhi.

Not allowed on the platform!
Me boarding the train
Packed lunch boxes provided for us
Views from the train ….

Eventually we arrived back in Delhi and got a coach back to the Taj Palace.

New Delhi Station
Views from the coach
The view from our hotel room

Drinks and dinner now. Tomorrow we will be having a sight seeing tour of Delhi.