India – Day 9: Ranthambore

We left Agra in our coach headed for Ranthambore National Park. It was a very long journey but we broke it up by first visiting Fatehpur Sikri, the ghost city. It was built by the third Mughal emperor, in the 16th Century, when he moved from Agra, to be near a holy man who blessed him with 3 sons. When the holy man died he returned to Agra and the walled city was abandoned.

Red sandstone city
Some of our group listening to the history of the ‘Ghost City’

We continued our journey, stopping for lunch in Bharatpur.

We had lunch in a hotel
On the last leg of our long journey Raj entertained us with jokes and information about India’s religions, caste system and arranged marriages.
We travelled through bustling towns, small villages and fields
We eventually arrived at ‘Sawai Vilas’ to a warm reception, with garlands, bindis and a drink.

The Sawai Vilas are amazing. We even have an outdoor shower!

Tomorrow we have a relaxing morning followed by a safari!

5 thoughts on “India – Day 9: Ranthambore

  1. The welcome looked very exotic! Outdoor shower, not too sure; hope you are not overlooked! Another beautiful hotel.

  2. Ahh bringing back great memories although think we stayed elsewhere in Ranthambore. Thinking of you today – hope you see the tigers 🐅

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