India – Day 10: Tigers!

We had a relaxing morning, swimming in the pool and relaxing on the terrace.

I wore my tiger t shirt ready for the safari.

After lunch we set off in 2 Canters (20 seater safari vehicles) for our safari drive through Ranthambore National Park. It was an amazing experience! The park is very close to our hotel. We had a 3 hour drive around the park.

The first gate

We saw plenty of deer, many species of birds, monkeys and crocodiles. It was nearly time to leave when suddenly jeeps and Canters began racing to a spot by the lake. We could see a tiger in the distance!

Amazingly the tiger walked right up to us!

She continued past the vehicles and joined her cub.

For a while it was very quiet except for the click of camera shutters! We came back very happy.

Tomorrow we have another chance to see the tigers on a dawn safari ride!

We have been so lucky!

4 thoughts on “India – Day 10: Tigers!

  1. YES!!!!!
    I’m so happy for you! We had exactly the same experience! I am so pleased you saw them! Enjoy the dawn safari too. Great pics.
    That day is still one of my favourite ever travel days.

  2. How fantastic to see the tiger! That looks like a great day. We have deer behind our house but not quite the same!

  3. Oh wow!! That would had been the best day for me if i was there..Tigers are my FAVOURITE!
    So glad you’ve had a fab day! All the pictures are great! 😀

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