India – Day 13: Delhi Again

Today we left Jaipur on the final leg of our journey, to Delhi and then home.

It was a 5 hour journey, made easier because it is Holi day and many businesses are closed and there is no public transport, so the roads were quieter. We saw several marches on the route.

Goodbye to the ITC Rajputana Hotel in Jaipur
Smiles and kisses from girls in the street
We passed through several tolls
We stopped at the Midway Restaurant for lunch in the garden
Lots of people were on the march to celebrate Holi day. We saw men covered in coloured powder.
Thanks for the photo, Karen!
No health and safety here!
Businesses were closed
Goats crossing the highway ..
….. and donkeys!
No buses today
Carrying a heavy load
Ready for our last night in India

We have had an amazing time as you can see. Now we have to prepare for our flight tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “India – Day 13: Delhi Again

  1. You were very fortunate to be there during Holi. Can’t believe how quickly your holiday has gone, do hope you have a good journey home.

  2. We hope the journey home goes smoothly, glad that you’ve had such a great holiday. Look forward to seeing you both again soon, Peter & Teresa.

  3. Loved reading some of your blog. Are you going to Agra or have you been. Would love to visit the Taj Mahal to see it in all its glory. As I have mobility problems I dont think it will be possible.

  4. Hi Carol,
    I’ve finally got round to organising my videos from our Indian holiday. Could I ask a favour? ๐Ÿ™‚ Could I please use a couple of your Holi images? I’ll provide a link to your blog in the text.
    Please let me know if that’s OK.

    Hope all is well with you both!

    best wishes and thanks.


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