A story for you

Unfortunately, as we are all not allowed to travel, there has not been much for me to post about. By now I would probably have been to the Wirral and to Gorleston-on-sea in Norfolk. Our planned trip to the Isle of Man next month is not going to happen but I have my fingers crossed for our trip to the Shetlands at the end of August.

However, it does mean we all have more time for hobbies and one of mine is writing. I have written a children’s fairy tale for these unusual times, based on Red Riding Hood. I hope you enjoy it.

Click on the menu – ‘My Creations’

2 thoughts on “A story for you

  1. Hi Carol. Thank you I really enjoyed your 2020 fairy tale, it made me smile. More please 👏

    • Thanks, Karen. Have you been on the ‘My Creations’ page of my blog – there are several stories on there.

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