Scotland Tour – Day 7

We explored the north and west of Mainland today. Our first stop was at Gurness Beach, a beautiful beach littered with shells. I found a sea urchin

Next we stopped at the Point of Buckquoy. We would have walked across the causeway to the Brough of Birsay but the tide was coming in and covering the path.

These three left it a bit late to return from the Brough.
The remains of Earl Robert’s palace, built in 1574.
We walked round the Ring of Brodgar, standing stones thought to have been there for 4000 years.

Tomorrow we leave the Orkneys and take the ferry to the Shetlands at 11.45pm.

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3 thoughts on “Scotland Tour – Day 7

  1. Another great set of pictures Carol. Looking forward to Shetland. Always wanted to go there after watching Shetland! Enjoy

  2. What can I say! More amazing views. Glad to say, we have had a much calmer day. I see you have a night crossing to Lerwick, hope you have a good journey, at least you can lie down!

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