Scotland Tour – Day 9

We arrived in the Shetlands at 7.30am after a lovely smooth crossing. We managed to get some sleep.

We were met with beautiful weather and had a quick look round Lerwick harbour before going to our holiday cottage.

A Swedish tall ship – Gunilla
Hansel Cottage

After a look round Lerwick and lunch in a cafe, we went for a drive to South Mainland. The terrain is hillier and more craggy than the Orkneys.

Levenwick Beach

At the southernmost tip is Sumburgh Head, a towering outcrop of rock capped with a lighthouse overlooking the area where the Atlantic Ocean meets the North Sea.

Views from Sumburgh Head

We continued our drive, crossing the airstrip, and following the coast. We spotted some seals sheltering on a beach below us.

We had a walk on the beach near St Ninian’s Isle, which can be reached by a spectacular example of a shell-sand tombolo (a beach or bar that links two islands).

The clouds gathered but we had no rain.

More pictures of Shetland tomorrow


4 thoughts on “Scotland Tour – Day 9

  1. Absolutely stunning Carol. So glad you had a good crossing, I was thinking about you as I was wide awake. Torrential rain and caravan roofs, not a good mix! Keep the pics coming, they are great.

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