Scotland Tour – Day 14

Early post today as we are leaving the Shetlands and taking the ferry back to Aberdeen, a 13 hour crossing, including a stop on the Orkneys.

Unfortunately the weather has deteriorated and it is very windy!

The skies were still blue and the sun came out while we visited Jarlshof, a prehistoric and Norse settlement, with evidence of buildings from Iron Ages to the Middle Ages. Very interesting, and we nearly got blown off the cliff!

We drove back across the runway and had to wait at the red lights for the plane to cross.

We went back past the Bay of Scousburgh where we saw basking seals earlier in the week, and there they were again

We saw this rig further out but today it was inshore.

Aberdeen here we come. Fingers crossed for a not too rough crossing.


5 thoughts on “Scotland Tour – Day 14

  1. Sleeping pill and a couple of glasses of brandy and sleep through it! Dundee, marmalade, comics and jute! Or jute, jam and journalism, good quiz question!

  2. Are you coming down the east coast from Dundee Carol? That is where my mother’s family come from. If you get a chance call in at one of the wee fishing villages. Anstruther the most touristy but Pittenweem and St.Monans less so.

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