Hi. I’m Carol, and I live in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom. I retired at the end of 2016, after teaching for 38 years. I now have more time to spend on my hobbies – travelling with my husband, Andy, reading, writing and, most recently, lino-cutting.

I have decided to write a blog, mostly to share photographs of our holidays, but also to give my writing a wider audience. Click on ‘Here’ and ‘There’ for holiday photos, and ‘My Creations’ for short stories and lino cuts.

I started the blog in January 2020 so I have added photos from previous holidays which may be of interest. In 2020 I intend to blog in more detail when on holiday – starting with our trip to India in February!

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Please feel free to also contact me at cbarton@hotmail.co.uk.

I hope you enjoy my posts.