I-Spy Cam and Dursley

Members of our community here in Dursley, Gloucestershire, have produced an ‘I-spy’ booklet to encourage families to explore the local area. As we have had our grandson to stay for a few days we went out and about this week, armed with our copy of the book and a pen.

Spotting historic buildings in the town centre.
Into the woods to follow the Sculpture trail.
Fox and cubs designed by children at Dursley Primary School.
Shadows on the trees
Den building
Lion mosaic
Off to the quarry hunting for fossils.
We spotted many different butterflies at the quarry.

Many thanks to the people who produced the book, we spent a very happy three days exploring the area.

Points are given for everything spotted and we scored 1,060!

It was so nice to be able to spend time with family again. Long may this new freedom continue.

Stay safe