The Isle of Man – Day 8

Our last day on the island.

As our ferry was not leaving until 3pm we managed to fit in a visit to the Laxey Wheel, and Peel Castle, both opening to the public this morning for the first time in months.

The Laxey Wheel is the largest water wheel in the world. It was designed to pump water from underground so that the miners could work safely.

Peel Castle was originally built in the 11th century by Vikings.

Looking out over the beach and harbour.
Overlooking the bay with all the scallop shells.

After lunch we headed back to Douglas to board the catamaran, Manannan, back to Liverpool

Our stay on the Isle of Man was over, but after dinner with family in Wallasey, we drove to Bangor in Wales to continue our travels.


The Isle of Man – Day 4

Today started off a bit showery so we drove to Castletown to visit Castle Rushen, one of Europe’s best preserved mediaeval fortresses. The spiral stone staircases are worth the climb for the views at the top!

Three baby seagulls can be seen on the top of the tower.

The rooms contained sights and sounds (but thankfully not the smells) of castle life!

We drove back to Peel and had a lovely lunch in ‘The Creek’ pub by the harbour.

Creek fish pie

After lunch we popped across the road to The House of Manannan, an interactive museum that uses video, audio and authentic recreations to bring the island’s Celtic and Viking history to life (and this one did include smells!).

Part of the museum is housed in the old railway station building.
The kipper display was very fishy.
Through the window can be seen the pub we had lunch in.
This recreation actually passes through the window to the room behind.

Tomorrow looks to be a lot brighter so we will be off up Snaefell.

Hope you are enjoying the photos