Short Story

Returned from holiday yesterday to a pile of post, including the July edition of ‘Let’s Talk’ magazine. ‘Let’s Talk’ is an East Anglian publication, mainly concerned with memories of the area, but they have an annual short story competition and feature one of the winning stories every month.

This month one of my stories was chosen!

If you would like to read the whole story, without getting a copy of the mag, click on My Creations, where lots of my stories can be found.


Here it is! The novella I wrote in 30 days is available FREE on Amazon Kindle for 5 days. Download by Friday 10th July.

‘Lockdown 2020, the world is relying on tracking and tracing to slow down the spread of the virus. Jack, a young app designer, has developed an app that unexpectedly gives him the power to control people’s movements. What will be the consequences?’

Free for 5 days

I hope you enjoy it

Stay safe


Write a novella in 30 days

One good thing about Lockdown (the only good thing?) is that I have had more time to write. At the beginning of June I came across Maria Frankland, an author who teaches creative writing. She had put some of her courses online including ‘Write a novella in 30 days’. There was a Youtube clip to watch each day with support and advice. I took up the challenge and, 30 days later, have completed my novella!

It is called ‘Tracker’ and is set in autumn 2020. Like my first novella, ‘Memories’, it features an app, and although it refers to the Corona Virus and the situation we find ourselves in, like ‘Memories’ it is really about relationships.

It is shorter than my previous novella, which took nearly 3 years to write.

I intend to self publish shortly on Amazon Kindle and like last time I will be able to offer it free for the first 5 days. It will then be 99p. I will post when it becomes available.

If you enjoyed reading ‘Memories’ I hope you will enjoy ‘Tracker’ too. If you haven’t read ‘Memories’ it is available on Amazon for 99p.

Exciting news!

This enforced lockdown has encouraged me to finish editing and publish my first novella, ‘Memories’.

It is a light read about families and relationships with a bit of technology and crime thrown in.

It is available FREE on Amazon Kindle until midnight of Sunday 26th April.

I hope you download and enjoy it.