Gran Canaria – Day 5

Today we set off on a long drive over the mountains into the centre of the island, heading for Tajeda, an attractive, sleepy village according to the guide book. The roads were good, if a bit scary at times, with many hair pin bends.

Eventually we could see Tajeda in the distance. When we arrived, the village was rammed with cars and people. We were very lucky to find a space to park. It turns out that the village was the finishing line for one of the Trans Gran Canaria running races. We managed to get a table on the street just before the finish and enjoyed a drink and an almond cake while watching the exhausted runners coming in. Tajeda is famous for growing almonds.

Not quite the sleepy village but a great drive nonetheless with amazing scenery and even more amazing cyclists who we passed on the way up the mountains and passed us on the way down!

After a long day of driving we need a break and plan to stay local tomorrow. There is a Friday Market in Puerto de Mogan which we can walk around.

Bye for now


6 thoughts on “Gran Canaria – Day 5

  1. That looks lovely but the road would have worried me! I’m sure the market will be good. Glad you are both having a good time.

  2. Sounds great Carol. Glad you are both enjoying yourselves, also pleased you are taking time out just to relax. Enjoy all that’s on offer. XX

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