India – Day 4: Shimla

This morning we had a very interesting talk, with slides, about the history of Shimla and the surrounding area by Raja Bhasin, who has appeared on Tv with Michael Portillo. We then got into a fleet of taxis and drove through narrow, packed streets to the Viceregal Lodge, which was the official residence of the Viceroy of India during the summer months when the British moved the seat of power to Shimla to escape the heat of Calcutta. Many British rulers have lived there including Mountbatten. It now houses the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies.

There were lots of monkeys in the grounds. Our group is a bit wary of them after some monkeys broke into one of the bedrooms while we were at breakfast and trashed the place!
We then visited some temples, with amazing views over Shimla.

After lunch in another Oberoi Hotel we walked up Mall Road. Being on the mountainside, Shimla is very hilly.

We walked to Scandal Point, a popular meeting place, so called because of a scandal caused by the elopement of a British Lady with an Indian Maharaja. We then walked back to the hotel in another sudden storm!

10 thoughts on “India – Day 4: Shimla

  1. Happy St David’s Day!
    Just a small lodge then 😉, it looks very grand. You’ve packed in quite a lot today, the temples look very interesting. And what a contrast of architecture too, love the Indian man’s hat and seeing the red pillar box.

  2. Cheeky monkies! Personally, due to the heat, I haven’t had India on my bucket list, except for Shimla! It has always been a place I’d like to see. It certainly looks very interesting indeed. Mike’s brother and wife went some time ago and thoroughly enjoyed it all. See you are five and half hours ahead, didn’t know time zones split into half hours. I expect you have had your dinner in that other fabulous hotel. Two cases of coronavirus in Gloucestershire, you are safer in Shimla!

  3. Hi Carol,
    It’s amazing to see Shimla for real, not through the eyes of a TV drama.
    Monkeys are very naughty- I remember them from Thailand.
    Is that a Hindu temple?
    Glad to see that it is nice and cool in the mountains.
    It’s been a day of some sunshine but a lot of showers in England.

    • Yes, there were 2 Hindu Temples there. Mornings have been lovely but we have had a storm both afternoons – only short lived though.

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