Grow your own!

I feel guilty for not posting very much, after daily posts from India in late Feb and early March, but, like everyone, I’m not doing much worthy of posting at the moment.

Andy and I have been using our greenhouse and now have tomato, cucumber and pepper plants well established. We will have lots of salad in late summer. My pea shoots are ready to eat though.

I saw this suggested on TV one morning, grow dried peas (very cheap from the supermarket) and harvest the shoots within a couple of weeks. I love pea shoots in a salad so gave it a go. If you soak the peas overnight before planting they germinate very quickly.


Hope you and your families are all well.

Stay safe,


One thought on “Grow your own!

  1. Hi Carol,
    Glad all is good with you and Andy. Your green house successes look great. We also have been gardening and this year we are growing lots of herbs.

    K x

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