Scotland Tour – Day 12

Today we drove around the western side of the island to Scalloway.

Scalloway Castle
A pretty town
Looking across the bay to the castle

We drove on across a bridge to Trondra, then across another bridge to get to West Burra. We walked down to Meal Beach.

We passed the restored crofthouse, Easthouse, featuring the traditional house, barn, byte and pig sty.

On the way back we saw more salmon farms.

We had booked a visit to Shetland Museum and Archives in Lerwick. It was very interesting.

View in front of the museum.
This is a sixareen, the type of boat that featured in the dreadful accident in yesterday’s post.
The sea is so calm, the reflections are amazing.

Again, we were so lucky with the weather.

Can it continue?


3 thoughts on “Scotland Tour – Day 12

  1. Well, I really hope so! It is so beautiful but would be challenging in bad weather. Fairly good here but a bit nippy!

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