The Isle of Man – Day 7

We were up and away early this morning ready for our boat trip around The Calf of Man. When we arrived at Port St Mary we received a text from Steve to say that the trip had been cancelled due to the wind! We went to the breakwater to see the boat and met Steve there. He and his father have been doing trips in the same boat for 40 years.

Port St Mary
When I saw the size of the boat I was quite relieved the trip was not going ahead!

We drove to the Calf of Man, and it was, indeed, very windy!

We carried on to Douglas and saw the Grandstand at the starting point of the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) motorbike races. The race covers 37 miles of public roads, with bikers doing average speeds of 135 miles an hour! The race has not taken place for two years due to Covid.

After lunch in Douglas we drove to St John’s to see Tynwald Hill. The word Tynwald is of Viking origin, meaning Parliament field. On 5th July every year the Manx Parliament meet here and new laws are claimed. This parliament is over 1000 years old and is the oldest parliament in the world with an unbroken existence.

We drove back to Peel and sat by the beach with an ice cream.

The tide was in.

Later, in the evening, we went back to the beach.

The tide was out.

The sand was absolutely covered in scallop shells.

We also saw jellyfish.

Tomorrow is our last day on the island …… but not the last day of the holiday!

More to come,


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  1. Great photos Carol & some really interesting historical facts, especially the one about the Manx parliament. Enjoy the rest of your break.

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