Danube Cruise – Day 5

Today we visited Vienna. We had a coach tour followed by a walking tour. The architecture is amazing. Everywhere you look there are stunning buildings.

St Stephen’s Cathedral

The Plague Column erected in 1679 after the Great Plague epidemic.

After returning to the ship for lunch Andy borrowed an electric bike and went for a 15 mile bike ride along the river while I relaxed.

Our German chef treated us to a demonstration of strudel making which was delicious!

After dinner tonight we will be joined by musicians from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra for a private recital.

2 thoughts on “Danube Cruise – Day 5

  1. Vienna is stunning, certainly shows off the magnificence of the Hapsburg empire. Did you find the Christmas shop? I expect Andy needed another beer after his bike ride!🍺. I hope you enjoy this evening, tbh, I didn’t! Nothing I knew and I found it rather dreary. Maybe I’m not posh enough to appreciate it! Glad you are having good weather.

    • We didn’t find the Christmas shop but we did enjoy the concert.
      The leader, an 86 year old gentleman, was very jolly.

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