India – Day 12: Jaipur – Amber Fort

We set off in our coach to the Amber Fort. On the way we stopped to take photos of the ‘Palace of the Winds’ and we saw some snake charmers.

Five stories high but only one room deep, it was built to allow ladies of the harem to watch the street scenes without being observed.
We passed the milk market where the quality of the milk can be felt by putting a hand in the milk!

At the Amber Fort we swapped our comfortable coach for jeeps to take us up to the fort. Many tourists make the trip by elephant.

The elephants only work for a short time, doing 3 or 4 trips only.
We were welcomed with colourful powder (gulal) as it is Holi (one of the most important Hindu festivals) today and tomorrow.
View from the fort
Back to the coach in our jeeps, we drove to a jewellery shop where stones are cut and polished. On the way we saw Jai Mahal, the water palace, which featured on Michael Portillo’s programme recently.
We then visited a textile factory where the cloth is hand printed. I bought a tablecloth.
We saw many stalls selling gulal ready for tonight.
We arrived back at the hotel for a well earned rest before setting off out again at 5pm. More of that later!

2 thoughts on “India – Day 12: Jaipur – Amber Fort

  1. Palace of winds?? Something to do with the curry?? The elephants are lovely, glad they get time off. Great photos, keep them coming.

  2. The Jai Mahal looks wonderful. Andy wore the correct colour t-shirt today, I hope yours washes out Carole 😉

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