India – Day 12: Jaipur – Holi Festival

Two posts in one day!

Had to post again after a very exciting evening! As an added extra our guide, Raj, arranged for us to visit a retired Brigadier, whose family home, Khatlu Haveli, is now a hotel. It was featured in the TV programme ‘The Real Marigold Hotel’. He showed us around and told a few stories then took us up to the roof terrace, for gin and tonics and snacks. From there we could watch the kite flying which is a nightly event.

The Brigadier in the inner courtyard
Raj enjoyed flying his kite
The sun set was beautiful

But the most exciting part of the evening was the journey there and back in tuk-tuks. It was slightly scary but exhilarating as we bombed through the city in convoy, amongst cars, motorbikes, coaches and even, at one point, elephants. All the locals were getting very excited as they were preparing for Holi, by building bonfires in the streets. The journey back was like Wacky Races, with the passengers in each tuk-tuk cheering each other on. This might have had something to do with the amount of alcohol consumed!

We had 9 tuk-tuks in convoy
Locals ready to light the bonfire
Every street had a bonfire
Tuk-tuks are auto rickshaws
The Albert Hall museum, illuminated

We would have loved to stay out until the bonfires were lit but we had to be back at our hotel for dinner.

Tomorrow we head back to Delhi.

3 thoughts on “India – Day 12: Jaipur – Holi Festival

  1. Again, it all sounds so exciting. You were fortunate to be there to enjoy the festivities. You will need another holiday to recover from all of the travelling and the non- stop entertainment!

  2. Looks fantastic Carol, what a great experience & the tuk-tuk race on the way home capped it all off nicely!

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