Pandemic Picnics

Now we are allowed out a bit more, we like to go for a drive on Sundays and take a picnic. We don’t have to travel far to find beautiful places. This week we went across the River Severn to the Forest of Dean.

It was lovely weather for ducks at Cinderford Linear Park as it started raining.
We moved on to Cannop Ponds where the rain stopped and we had our picnic.
On the way back we stopped by the river looking over to where we live.
the sluice gate

We enjoy our days out but we are looking forward to having days out with friends and family.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend,

Stay safe


2 thoughts on “Pandemic Picnics

  1. We have been taking walks along the beach whilst it has been glorious weather. I love picnics but hubby not keen.

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